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3 Idiots

Two friends [Madhavan and Sharman Joshi] embark on a quest for a lost buddy. On this journey, they encounter a long forgotten bet, a wedding they must crash, and a funeral that goes impossibly out of control. As they make their way through the perilous landscape, another journey begins: their inner journey through memory lane and the story of their friend–the irrepressible free-thinker Rancho [Aamir Khan], who in his unique way, touched and changed their lives. It’s a story of their hostel days that swings between Rancho’s romance with the spirited Pia [Kareena Kapoor], and his clash with an oppressive mentor, Viru Sahastrabudhhe [Boman Irani]. And then one day, suddenly, Rancho vanished… Who was he? Where did he come from? Why did he leave? The friend who influenced and inspired them to think creatively and independently, even as the conformist world called them three idiots. Where is the original idiot now? Finally, in misty mountains of unparalleled beauty, the friends find the key to the secret. Three Idiots is a comedy of ideas that is as provocative as it is funny, as wildly entertaining as it is insightful. A laugh-riot that talks about the most important of human pursuits: self-actualization.

Publicity Designer:
Rahul Nanda, Himanshu Nanda
Story Writer:
Rajkumar Hirani, Vidhu Vinod Chopra, Abhijit Joshi
Rajkumar Hirani
Vidhu Vinod Chopra
Vidhu Vinod Chopra Productions

Music Director:
Shantanu Moitra

Playback Singer:

Shreya Ghoshal,Shantanu Moitra,Suraj Jagan,Sharman Joshi,Shaan ,Swanand Kirkire,Sonu Nigam


Swanand Kirkire

Music Company:


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Paa 13-year-old boy

Auro [Amitabh Bachchan] is an intelligent, witty 13-year-old boy with an extremely rare genetic defect that causes accelerated ageing. He suffers from progeria. Mentally, he is 13, very normal, but physically he looks five times older.

Inspite of his condition, Auro is a happy boy. He lives with his mother Vidya [Vidya Balan], a gynaecologist, but is completely clueless of his father’s identity. Till he meets him, Amol [Abhishek Bachchan], who is a full of ideals politician.

Okay, let’s not disrespect Balki by calling PAA a rip-off of THE CURIOUS CASE OF BENJAMIN BUTTON or JACK. It’s not! PAA looks at the varied relationships so minutely. It may’ve been publicized as a father-son film, but the women – mother and granny – play equally pivotal parts.

The first hour of PAA grips you in patches. The introduction of Auro is brilliant, but the moment the story focuses on the politician and his arch rival’s sub-plot, it goes off-track. Sure, there are some interesting sequences, but the impact isn’t mesmeric.

But the post-interval portions take the film to dizzy heights and camouflages the defects. The father-son bonding and the penultimate 25 minutes raise the bar. The emotional quotient is tremendous. Get ready to overhear a lot of sniffs and see a lot of moist eyes once the lights are switched on.

Note the two sequences in the climax, when Auro reveals what his father’s first mistake was and the pheras towards the end. Also recall the scene when the girl Auro detests for a certain reason shows up with a sketch of Auro. It moves you completely.

But let’s not mistaken PAA to be a rona-dhona movie. It’s a positive film with funny/light moments in plenty. The conversation between Auro and his best friend, on various occasions, are superb. Also, not once does PAA show Auro as ‘different’. He’s one among the kids and there’s no discrimination whatsoever, which is remarkable.

Director R. Balki deserves a salute for thinking out of the box and also presenting Amitabh Bachchan like never before. The writing may be erratic, but his handling of the emotional moments is exemplary. Note this, he would be a force to reckon with after PAA. Ilaiyaraaja’s music is soothing. P.C. Sreeram’s cinematography is incredible.

It would be a blunder if one missed out the contribution of the makeup artists. Transforming the veteran actor into a kid must’ve been an arduous task and Christien Tinsley and Domini Till deserve to be complimented for making Auro look so real.

That doesn’t mean that the remaining performances get dwarfed by Auro. Sure, PAA belongs to Auro, but not once does Abhishek Bachchan dither from his position or seems less inferior. This is the hallmark of a tremendous actor, which Abhishek is. Vidya is another surprise of PAA. She takes giant strides as an actor and proves yet again that given the right roles, she can match up to the best in the business.

Paresh Rawal is effective. Arundhati Naag is amazing. So is the kid, Pratik, enacting the role of Auro’s best buddy. His telephonic conversation with Auro is superb. Jaya Bachchan’s presence is lovely.

On the whole, PAA is an amazing experience. It makes you realize two things. One, the Hindi film industry is also capable of narrating fresh stories. Two, Amitabh Bachchan is truly the most accomplished actor this side of the Atlantic.

Talking from the business point of view, PAA has been made in a sensible and reasonable budget [approx. Rs. 17 crores, including P & A expenses], which should easily be recovered from multiplexes alone.

In the final tally, here’s a film that should win awards [for Auro] and also box-office rewards, given its low costs. A film that should strike a chord with every paa, maa… just about everyone with a heart!

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PAA is a simple film

Can you ever imagine watching an Amitabh Bachchan film and not watching Amitabh Bachchan in it? Seems impossible, isn’t it? The towering persona and the rich baritone just cannot be overlooked. But R. Balki transforms the legendary actor into Auro, replaces the rich baritone with the voice of an adolescent [who’s neither grown up, nor a kid] and taps the hitherto untapped talent of the icon.

Trust me, 10 minutes into the film and you forget you’re watching Amitabh Bachchan. For, Auro takes over the moment he is introduced to the viewer.

PAA is a simple film told in the most simplistic manner and that’s one of the prime reasons why this film works big time. The emotions would’ve fallen flat had the writing been sub-standard or the execution of the material been humdrum or the actors been inferior. But, thankfully, PAA scores in all three departments, although it must be said that the entire slum redevelopment episode is a complete put-off.

In the final tally, here’s a film that should win awards [for Auro] and also box-office rewards, given its low costs. A film that should strike a chord with every paa, maa… just about everyone with a heart!

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Nació el 16 de Julio de 1984,

en London, England, Reino Unido. Tiene siete hermanas.
Ella comenzó a modelar accidentalmente cuando se encontraba en Hawaii a la edad de 14, cuando fue abordada por una campaña de joyas.
Posteriormente continuó el modelado en Londres











1.Rave Party (2009) (pre-production)
2.Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani (2009) (filming)
3.Yuvraaj (2008)
4.Hello… (2008) …. Mysterious Woman
5.Singh Is Kinng (2008) …. Sonia
6.Race (2008) …. Sophia
7.Welcome (2007) …. Sanjana
8.Partner (2007) …. Priya R. Jaisingh
9.Apne (2007) …. Nandini
10.Namastey London (2007) …. Jasmeet ‘Jazz’ M. Malhotra
11.Balram vs. Tharadas (2006)
12.Humko Deewana Kar Gaye (2006) …. Jia A. Yashvardhan
13.Allari Pidugu (2005)
14.Maine Pyar Kyun Kiya? (2005) …. Sonia
15.Sarkar (2005) …. Pooja
16.Malliswari (2004) …. Malliswari
17.Boom (2003) …. Rina Kaif aka Popdi Chinchpokli
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Nació el 05 de enero de 1986.
Hija de Prakash Padukone.









1. Billu Barber (2009) …. Special Appearance
2. Untitled Imtiaz Ali Project (2008)
3. Chandni Chowk to China (2009) …. Sakhi/Meow Meow
4. Bachna Ae Haseeno (2008) …. Gayatri
5. Om Shanti Om (2007) …. Shanti Priya/Sandhya aka Sandi
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