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Shahid’s CHANCE PE DANCE on 15th January 2010!

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Just recently we had informed you that CHANCE PE DANCE,next, starring and Genelia D’souza appears to be a biography on the actor’s life! According to sources the film is based on dance and bears a striking resemblance to Shahid’s life.

Now it is confirmed by the actor himself that the film is a biographical on him, “Yes, there are many scenes in the movie that are similar to my life, but it’s not intentional, they have just turned out this way.”

CHANCE PE DANCE is a film about a struggler who finally enters a reality show after being rejected many times, similar to Shahid’s personal experience when he finally got ISHQ VISHQ after giving a lot of screen tests and auditions. Not just that, there are various other instances from Shahid’s life which seem to have been incorporated in the movie. Like Shahid had his share of struggle as well, his first car too in fact was a second hand car, just like his character in the movie.

CHANCE PE DANCE is produced by UTV Motion Pictures is releasing on 15th January 2010.

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