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Shriya, Asin, Trisha, Padmapriya, Priyamani, Sada what’s the common factor?


There are several common factors in this long list of actresses. They are all lissom lovely lasses who have stolen many a heart. They have all proved that they can wear sexy outfits and pose as eye candy and also sparkle in emotional roles.

But the most striking factor? They are posing a threat not only to other South Indian actresses, but to Bollywood beauties as well! Each of these gals has acted or is in the process of making her debut in Hindi cinema. Times have truly changed. It was common for Mumbai models to seek openings in South Indian cinema.

But after Sridevi successfully moved from Kollywood to Bollywood, not a single Tamil actress has managed to make the transition quite so smoothly or successfully. It appears that a virtual entry barrier in Hindi cinema had keep out aspiring southern actresses, but this barrier has come down at last. Bollywood, that had till now merely stolen our talented technicians Mani Ratnam, A.R. Rahman, Priyadharshan has opened its doors and hearts to southie gals too.

Shriya’s and Sada’s Hindi movies may not have fared too well, but the ladies still have a list of Hindi projects to pick from. Asin, who had a dream debut opposite Aamir Khan in Ghajini, awaits the release of her London Dreams with Salman Khan. The actress has even found herself a house in Mumbai, because it makes sense now to have a base there too.

Trisha is only too excited that her mentor Priyadharshan has picked her for his next movie, and Padmapriya is more than thrilled with Striker opposite Siddharth. Priyamani, who is still being showered with praise for her National Award-winning role in Paruthiveeran, has her chance at Bollywood fame with her role in Mani Rathnam’s Raavan. The only Southern starlet yet to migrate North is Nayantara, but we are sure she will soon get her break too.

We hear that Shahrukh Khan, who tasted phenomenal success with Om Shanthi Om with Deepika Padukone (whose actual debut was in the South) is keen to cast a Tamil actress in his next movie, possibly Nayan. And with all these top girls busy up North, Kollywood is happy to welcome new talent Anushka, Tamannaah, Kajal Agarwal, Sunaina, Poorna and a slew of new faces (many of them being North Indians still learning Tamil).

While it’s good to have bigger dreams and newer talent, we also hope that our northward bound stars don’t forget or abandon their original launch pads!

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