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CM writes foreword for Rajni book


One of the most admired in India, ‘superstar’ Rajinikanth is indeed a living legend. The actor’s last release, Sivaji, was a global smash and the mere announcement of his next two projects, a quickie, Kuselan and a sci-fi film Robot, has sent the entire media in a tizzy.

Apart from his films, people really love Rajinikanth for being a humble person despite being at the pinnacle of superstardom. No wonder that many a person has come up with a book on this charismatic star. The latest in the line is Dr. Gayathri Srikanth. A medico by profession, Gayathri has now come out with a book titled, ‘Rajini Pera Ketale’, after being smitten by the Rajni bug.

The doctor also plans to release an English version titled ‘The Name is Rajni’. The book release function is to be held on March 1 in Chennai. The buzz is that Bollywood superstar Amitabh Bachchan, who is a good friend of Rajinikanth, will release the book.

One notable aspect of this book is its foreword. Guess who has written that? It is none other that Chief Minister Dr. Karunanidhi. The Chief Minister, who was recently all praise for the superstar at the Sivaji silver jubilee celebrations, is an admirer of Rajinikanth. One more interesting aspect is that the book has a message written to the superstar by his good friend and colleague Kamal Haasan.

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