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Our sex secrets revealed…


Take control and get your man bound and begging for more. If your sexy accoutrement doesn’t stretch to hard-core cuffs you can always opt for some silky tights to tie him up with. Tie your fellas hands loosely to the bed frame above his head, whilst he is propped up with a pillow to fully appreciate the visuals. Start by kissing him hard on the mouth and then work your way down his body. He is sure to enjoy being dominated and you will get kicks out of watching your guy’s desire for you, well, er rise.


The thing to remember is that there really is no wrong or right way of giving oral sex as everyone’s likes are different. But if you are still unsure whether your man is enjoying your efforts a great way to find out exactly what he likes is to have some role play fun. Have him sit in a chair or on the edge of the bed as he directs you in a kinky mistress scenario. It is also a great way of getting shy guys to reveal what really gets them going.


We see the irony of writing a set of tips rules then telling you there is no ‘one way’ or a definitive list. The fact is, only you will know what works for you. Some women come as easy with a quickie as they do with a weekend of passion, the aim is to know what works for you and embrace it for what it is. No expectations or pigeonholing yourself into a type means you won’t have to search for the Orgasm, it will find you.

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