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Adam Lambert, what the hell are you doing?

Great. Awesome. They already love to go shopping and now they’re making out with naked women. I was on your side, gay people! Carrie Prejean warned me about you in her retarded, hypocritical fake-breasted way that, in hindsight, nobody ever should’ve listened to. But still.

You put a star on the first image, where there’s no nipple.. but not on the third where there is?


“retarded, hypocritical fake-breasted way”? Majority of Americans do not believe in gay marriage. The do support civil unions. The only retard here is you SFW.

Sorry, but there is nothing hot about guys with painted nails. No matter who they are making out with.


The photos are kind of hot (except the tongues), BUT this is so obvious what this is all about: HE’s a flamer that is trying to sell records, so if us gals have images in our minds of Flamer-dude holding a woman sensually, then the fact that he likes Fishstick(d)s more than Kanye West, is supposed to make us think he “could” like women as well. I wonder what these dudes are really thinking about when they have these kind of looks on their faces like they are having chemistry with the woman in the photo or music video, but are with chicks instead of dicks (i.e. Ricky Martin). Sell those records!

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