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ULVI ERIZ and his brother BORA are Turkish Secret Service Agents undercover at party CAHIT is hosting at his house. Their mission to stop Cahit from selling the nuclear bomb he has in his possession. Their cover is blown and one of the waiters at the party, SCOTT VICTOR an undercover CIA Agent; saves Eriz life. Eriz and Victor work together to destroy the bomb and get the three of them out there alive. Bora is killed in the process of them completing their mission. Three years later. A video of a masked man hits the internet claiming to have discovered a solution to the world’s energy crisis in the form of Zero Point energy. The man is willing to sell it to the highest bidder if they meet him in Mesopotamia. The two Turkish scientists Dr. Atil and Dr. Tufan who are the ones that successfully made a working model of zero point are in their lab when thugs break in and kill Dr. Atil. Dr. Tufan blows up the lab and escapes killing the thugs and destroying the only working model. Dr. Tufan is now in hiding and has contacted the Turkish government to protect her only she will not give her hiding place. Eriz has been assigned to find her. He follows a lead to Sanliurfa to find the doctor and get the plans back.

Once in Sanliurfa Eriz thinks he sees the legendary Russian agent SERGI as he goes to check it out he gets a gun pulled on him by teenage thugs. Out of nowhere Victor pops out and saves Eriz scarring the kids away. The two now work together realizing that if they are both there than Eriz suspicions of Sergi being there too are correct. At the hotel bar, Victor hooks up with a hot journalist named Amanda, but it turns out that she’s really after the Cube.

He is on to her ploy and throws her off the trail. The next day after more striking out they return to the hotel bar only to discover on the news is journalist reporting that Dr. Atil was taken to a nearby University hospital after suffering a brutal attack. The two rush over to the hospital hoping to make it before other agent/ assassins do. Once at the hotel they manage to stop two cleaver attempts on the Doctor’s life and work together beautifully to get her back to their hotel safe.

At the hotel Dr. Tufan says that she has the information in her head and will only share it once she is safe. After they caught the Turkish SS and CIA up to speed and are ordered to take the midnight train to Ankara. They let Dr. Tufan get some rest while they devise a plan to get them out of the hotel. They decide on a classic bait and switch plan with a wait staff employee. Their plan works with some close calls and Sergi watching from the shadows waiting for the right time to strike.

Once at the station, they have to battle a group of Chinese who want the technology. They triumph, but only to have Tufan stolen away by Sergi, whom Eriz knows all to well. Eriz brother Bora once saved Sergi’s life a favor he returns by not killing him and Victor. It turns out that Tufan was the one in the video tape and she is selling the technology to Russia. CIA confirms this moments before the betrayal happens. As Sergi and Tufan escape on a train, Victor and Eriz follow in a helicopter. Sergi gets forceful and extracts from Tufan, through torture, the information that a certain element called antimony is necessary to drive the Cube. Antimony, it seems, is plentiful in old Mesopotamia. Believing to have all he needs from Tufan, Sergi kills her at the end of act two.

Victor and Eriz drop into the train, trying to stop Sergi before he transmits the information to his people. They split up to find him more quickly, and in a hand-to-hand battle, Sergi kills Victor. Eriz follows Sergi into the city of Iskenderun, and after a chase scene, end up on the beach, guns drawn on each other. They agree to drop the weapons and go at it mano e mano. This time, Eriz triumphs and takes Sergi’s recording of Tufan’s plans. But as he does, a group of armed men appear—Iranians. He flees from them and doesn’t stop until he reaches the U.S. Embassy, where he hands the officials the recording and collapses. We end in the hospital, Erizr recovering. The CIA Director tells him that Victor is dead and that Tufan took some vital secrets of the Cube to the grave. They lament that the world will never know of its power, but in a laboratory in the U.S., a group of scientists toil over a device that looks remarkably similar and a tape recorder on the table…

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