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149John, a broken and desperate man, tries to commit suicide but fails miserably.  Directly following John’s attempted suicide, he and his wife Aida argue over the phone in a flashback.

At the present, an elderly man named Mahfouz, is having sex with a Marilyn Monroe sex-doll.  His young son, Omar, finds this upsetting and proceeds to steal the doll away, just as the house accidentally catches fire from a candle.  Meanwhile, a mad dentist is torturing a messenger who failed to bring him the Marilyn Monroe sex-doll.  At the same time, in a sex shop run by twin brothers, Marc and Arc, the phone rings.  The brothers are in trouble because Marc sold the sex-doll to the wrong person.  It turns out that the doll is laced with acid and the Dentist had big plans to sell her to make a fortune.

In a flashback, Aida and John meet on the roof of Le Grand Hotel, both with the intention of committing suicide by jumping off.  They end up falling in love.  Back in the present, a woman named Piti arrives at the hotel.  She is waiting for her friend, Betty.  Atwood and Betty are married and Atwood is going to the same hotel in order to run an audition for a dating show.  Aida is trying out to be on the show.

Meanwhile, the cops show up to arrest Mahfouz and Omar has run away.  The brothers are in trouble if they cannot find the boy with the doll before the cops do, because it houses illegal drugs.  We also find out that Mahfouz killed his wife during sex when Omar was just 4 years old and that is why Omar has run away with Marilyn- to protect her.

John, who is still madly in love with Aida, ends up at Le Grand Hotel just in time to run into Atwood in the elevator as he is on his way up to have sex with Aida.  Back in the elevator, John meets Piti for the first time and gives her the flowers meant for Aida.

While listening painfully to Aida and Atwood having sex over the phone, John tries to get a cop to shoot him but somehow fails.  After getting beat up John ends up meeting Omar, who is still carrying the doll around.  Meanwhile, Piti meets Betty and Atwood (who’s just gotten done having sex with Aida) for a drink.  Piti tearfully recounts how they all met her husband Frank, whom she is with no longer.

John and Omar go to the bathroom together, after having a woman watch over Marilyn.  Meanwhile, Atwood and also enters the bathroom to pee at the same time as Marc and Arc, followed by the Dentist and his bodyguard.  There is a silent moment and then, after Omar and John leave, the Dentist punishes the twins for not having the doll.  They walk out after having had sex with each other, and both dressed as Marilyn Monroe.

In a flashback, Piti recounts how she was there the night John and Aida both attempted suicide.  After getting into a fight with Atwood, Betty and Aida, Piti leaves the bar and runs into John on the roof.  They discuss how she was there the night John met Aida.  Just then, Atwood spots Omar and Marilyn on the roof.  He videotapes the whole thing, causing a commotion because everyone thinks Marilyn is a woman trying to commit suicide.  Marc and Arc see this and go to the roof where they fight with Omar for Marilyn but she ends up floating off the edge.  Everyone scrambles to get down to the sidewalk.  Aida and Atwood smash heads together while looking up at Marilyn and die instantly as Marilyn floats into the Dentist’s arms.  There is a chase and the Dentist ends up shooting John.  In the end, the Dentist ends up dying from his own bullet and a piece of glass lodged in his chest and John returns Marilyn to Omar right before he, too, dies.

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