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Luxuries dazzle gangsters’ girls

BOGOTA, Colombia

All that glitters may not be gold, but for Colombia’s narcs-molls the most important thing is that it glitters.


Beauty queens, fashion models, actresses or regular girls made good are lovers of drug capos and above all lovers of the finest luxuries cocaine money can buy.

Few are prepared to speak publicly and even less to appear on camera.

Those who date mob bosses don’t want to blow their cover. That could expose their boyfriends to arrest and themselves to retaliation. In addition it could bring anti-drug police sniffing, ready to seize ill-gotten gains.


One exception is Yovanna Guzman, a former beauty queen and model, with a mane of blonde hair and a pneumatic figure — a sure passport into the narco underworld where cup size is more important than IQ.

For eight years she was the lover of one of Colombia’s most ruthless cocaine trafficker, Wilber Varela. He was head of the North Valle Cartel.

“He had two faces. I saw him so tender with the ones he loved, then you see the cartel killings. He always said he was the best of friends and the worst of enemies,” Guzman told me during an interview in Bogota.

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