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Fear over ‘quick fix’ implants


A NEW surgical operation that takes excess fat from the thighs and stomach and moves it to the bust is publicised as a simple “two-in-one” procedure.

But according to the British Associations of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS), the treatment – which is expected to be available in the UK next year – should not be promoted as a “quick fix” for women.

More than 2,500 British women have already expressed interest in the surgery, which is estimated to cost £8,000.

“This is a highly technical procedure, which in no way should be thought of as a quick and easy way of removing fat and getting bigger breasts all in one.

“Women must be aware that they are not simply going to be able to walk out of a surgery with a smaller bottom and bigger chest.

“It is painstakingly slow and involves planting tiny fat cells through hundreds of injections in the breast, all of which need time to grow.

“Although it is a groundbreaking technique, it is still in the early stages and takes between three to six months to work on a patient.

“I am very concerned that many women might think that this will be a quick solution, when really it is a very time-consuming, expensive procedure.”

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